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Our growing Alumni community continues to stay connected with our current active members to help as open resources. Thank you to all Alumni who have contributed to the Psi Lambda Chapter.

Class of 2017

Alex Herbert
Alex Yuan
Aly Banerjee
Andrew Hoang
Andrew Lam
Christina Wu
Christine Bahtiarian
Daniel Rhee
Dave Lee
Emily Tran
Eshita Shah
George Iliopolis
Hannah Mower
Heather Howes
Jasmin Sujanani
John Fanis (Graduate)
Luke Anneser
Maggie Newberg
Melissa Clauss
Sam Jung
Samantha Morrissey
Tom Yung

Class of 2016

Alison Wong
Anabel Wahlers
Andrew Chon
Colleen Jones
Corinne Kelly
Darshan Patel
Dyess Guede
George Iliopoulos
Irene Fung
John Fanis
Kristina Schneider
Maria Clarice Chua
Michelle Kong (Graduate)
Melissa Clauss
Nicole Wong
Odelia Xing
Peter Papadimitriou
Ryan McKenna

Class of 2015

Alexander Cheung
Andy Yau
Cammy Mok
Christopher To
Emmy Manoonpol
Eric Mac
Garrett Doolen
Jay Janardhanan
Ilya Perepelitsa
Michelle Kong
Naomi Leung
Nicole Chen

Class of 2014

Class of 2013

Class of 2012

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